Tickmill vs. ZuluTrade: Learn why Tickmill excels at Copytrade


Discover the big differences between Tickmill and ZuluTrade, from costs to order execution speed. Learn why Tickmill stands out as a more cost-effective and efficient option for copy trading strategies.

Understanding the Significant Differences Between ZuluTrade and Tickmill

When evaluating the ZuluTrade and Tickmill platforms, we noticed some substantial distinctions that may influence your choice. First, the difference in costs between them is remarkable. While the average cost per lot at ZuluTrade is around $20, at Tickmill, this amount is reduced to $2 per lot. This represents significant savings, especially for those seeking scalping strategies.

Another relevant difference is the speed of order execution. At Tickmill, orders are processed in-house, which results in faster and more efficient execution. At ZuluTrade, on the other hand, there is a split between two systems, which can make order execution slower and potentially affect the profitability of strategies.

Agility in activating strategies is one area in which Tickmill excels. Opening an account, depositing funds and activating strategies, such as the example of Fortunamax TCM, is a simple and quick process at Tickmill. On the other hand, at ZuluTrade, more time-consuming procedures such as printing and scanning documents may be required, which may be more time-consuming.

The soundness and transparency of the strategies also vary between the two platforms. At ZuluTrade, it can be challenging to find consistent strategies, while at Tickmill, there are rankings of strategies with positive track records of several years, which provides greater reliability.

In addition, Tickmill offers comprehensive customer service, with support available in multiple languages, including via WhatsApp, making access to support more accessible and convenient.

It is important to note that both companies have their relevance, but Tickmill stands out in several aspects, making it an attractive option for those looking for a cost-effective, efficient and transparent platform for copy trading strategies. However, before making a decision, it is critical to conduct a detailed analysis and consider your investment objectives.

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